Studio Prineas
12 Weeks

Project Details

Designed by the incredible Studio Prineas team we introduce you to SHEETH HQ. Our office space pays homage to not only the cultural heritage of Marrickville, but also the historical architecture. A simple red brick façade with a treasure trove of modern elements within.

The space was designed to consist of 3 spaces, to ensure that when you entered the space not everything was revealed immediately. The first space is the entry and reception area, feature harbour bridge painted burgundy trusses, a big solid stainless steel reception desk adorned with a stainless-steel coffee machine, lit up by Louis Poulsen pendants. To the right of the reception desk is an inviting meeting space with a blackened steel table and navy-blue S-fold curtains.

The second space is the hallways leading you to the atrium. One hallway will travel you past the bathrooms featuring reverse tile affects to the male and female bathrooms, opening you into the basketball court lit up with natural light from the atrium. Along the other hallway you won’t see the meditation room as its hidden behind a secret door, you will float past the kitchen which features 2 entry ways and a full functioning oven, this space then delivers you to the staff lunchroom which is bright and inviting with all the natural light from the atrium. The real feature of this space is the atrium featuring large planter boxes with lots of plants and greenery, the atrium has full sliding doors around the whole space so that it can all be opened and bring nature indoors.

The third space is where all the action happens, this has workstations coloured in absolute matte black tops and burgundy legs and screen dividers. It has big absolute matte joinery with burgundy metal clad tops to house the printing station and storage. The area also features a custom-made table tennis table to finish off.

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