INKA Japanese, Peruvian Restaurant

Adam Elchakak
Designed By:
Studio Barbis
4 months

Project Details

The moment you step into this vibrant, awe-inspiring restaurant, your senses ignite. Every surface throughout offers Peruvian inspired design elements and takes the diner on an invigorating journey. The food consists of Nikkei cuisine, which is the finesse and balance of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine fused together, creating a unique, unforgettable dining experience.

Late September 2020, our client Adam Elchakak, the mastermind behind Raku came to us with the dream to build this Canberra based highly complex restaurant in just 12 weeks. This was no standard restaurant; rather a multifaceted fitout, with highly intricate management requirements. We moved our best site manager to Canberra and began the journey!

The result is a flawless hospitality establishment which wouldn’t be as special as it is without the strong willed and brilliant client, Adam, working with us through the whole process. We are grateful for the business’s we dealt with in Canberra as they were extremely hospitable, welcoming, and highly skilled. SHEETH looks forward to establishing ourselves and further developing our Canberra team.

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