Gold Couture

Gold Couture
Designed By:
ORO Design
5 Weeks

Project Details

Gold Couture emanates luxury, with a rich brand identity in fashion, delivering premium handmade products of the finest embellished fabrics.

The client wanted to achieve a minimalistic design, which still felt luxurious but allowed the beauty of their dresses to shine. In collaboration with ORO design the stores design came to life, we were all passionate about creating a unique interior space, with all the trimmings. Using curved shapes and arches, amalgamated with this distinguishable colour palette, we were able to create a strong visual brand identity for the client’s new space.

The store counter topped with Cristallo Rosa Quartzite stone and is the absolute focal point upon entry into the space. The gold tile on the front of the counter and hanging gold chains at the entrance were chosen to add movement and texture, allowing the different lighting throughout the day to ripple and bounce off them.

Our team were delighted to deliver this project, with a minimalistic design the project team ensured every element throughout the project were of the highest quality to ensure a unified space was achieved.

Project Gallery

Project Gallery

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